About Me

This is what I do.

Official bio

Mariam Hussam known as Mare Cyrano, The Sad Queen. Egyptian, born on April 29, 1996, in Saudi Arabia. Writer, poet, started writing short stories at a very young age. Making accessories. Occasionally playing music.

About this blog

The main goal is bringing my world to you and discovering stories inside this lost kingdom ruins. What was it called, who ruled the kingdom, who lived there and what had happened? Does this place still exist in our time? If so who lives there now and what’s their stories. While we are on this journey I may discuss other topics, write reviews, share other writers, artists and singers work which inspire me.

More about this person

The ancient person is here to share stories and her work, behind everything there’s a story and meaning within a piece of paper, work. Even people and world are stories. We are characters in a big story. My work focus on dreams, experience and what I see, read or hear with a touch of fantasy.


  • This blog should have been started six years ago, unfortunately, I was busy with education.
  • Used to write random stories before I learned to read and write by just writing random doodles on papers.
  • Was interested in magic tricks long time ago and this is actually the reason I’ve started crafting and making accessories when I saw the Illusionist locket from the movie the Illusionist.
  • Playing music is just for fun but I enjoy writing poems. A libraries and archives graduate because ‘certification’ is important.
  • Won design to reality from Stardoll, 3D accessory design.